Hi! It’s been a while since we’ve met.

Ya, last post in September. Now already November. Ohmygod, what happened Hana? mana janji janji manis mu untuk consistently blogging? I am sorry guys. I am very sorry. Still with the same tagline “I love to write but I dont know what to write”. Hahaha. forgive me penunggu gua.

Furthermore, there’s lot of thing happened in September to November. Where I decide to scaledown my company. Plus ‘staff from hell’ punya issue. Nanti la kalau terbuka hati, I will share with u guys. Thats on September.

On October, yeah my birthday. Do u want to know where i celebrate my birthday? do u? do u? (Dory style). Well Ben brought me to the… Kidzania. hahahahahaha. But well spend with kids and him. Penat some more tunggu truck bomba. But ok la, to see my kids smiling, laughing, running, i chasing, queing, ngamoking, tantruming and all ing stuff la that they can do there. Aiyooo. Fening mama.

Now, November. Ben’s birthday. I love to give my love one surprises on special day. Yahh i throw him a surprise at Hilton Garden Inn Puchong. Well planned surprise. Tambahan pulaaaa, kereta baru dia baru dapat kannn. ahh sedapp ko nok. Nanti jugak la i share. Now Im just giving u the synopsis la kan. hahahhaa.

So, semoga Hana Syuhada cepat buat next blog post. Amin. Till we meet again!!

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